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Do you have breast cancer but lack health insurance? October 25, 2012

Breast cancer symbols plus 6 signs of breast cancer title page
What do you do if you discover you have one of the six main symptoms of breast cancer; however, you do not have health insurance?

As you already learned in the article entitled “Breast Cancer: So you found a breast lump,” early detection is the key to potentially saving part or all of your breast, your lymph nodes, and potentially your life.

What are the six main symptoms of breast cancer?

1. Lump in the breast
2. Dimple or indentation on the breast
3. Rash on the breast
4. Puckering of the breast-skin
5. Nipple discharge
6. Breast suddenly deflates (i.e., shrinks) or inflates (i.e., grows)

Oh, no! You don’t have health insurance

If you discover you may have breast cancer but do not have health insurance, this is potentially not an insurmountable obstacle.

To read the rest of the article, click BREAST CANCER.


Breast Cancer: So you found a breast lump

Breast cancer symbols plus 6 signs of breast cancer title page
So, you found a lump. You rub your eyes and look again at your reflection in the mirror. “Perhaps my eyes are deceiving me” is your next hope-filled thought. After all, breast cancer does not run in your family. Even if it does, it still could feel unbelievable and shocking.

You stretch out a shaking hand and feel of it. It’s hard and unyielding.

Since the ‘denial game’ is so much fun, you comfort yourself with the idea that it’s just a cyst that needs to be drained. That is true for some breast lumps. In fact, eight out of every ten breast lumps are benign. But, …

What if the lump you see in the mirror and feel with your hand is one of the two out of every ten that is malignant? In that case, the ‘denial game’ could turn lethal. So, for peace of mind’s sake, you make an appointment to see your doctor.

To read the rest of the article, click BREAST CANCER.


Spelling practice video: Learn to spell ‘donkey’ with these eight tips

Spelling practice for donkey CLIP
Do you want some great tips to help you to learn to spell various words? This video and article will give you eight fun suggestions to try. Choose three or four of the ones you like the best as you work on improving your spelling skills.

Simply as an example, this article and video focuses on learning to spell the word ‘donkey’.

Since not everybody learns the same, pick out just the activities that fit your particular learning style or the learning styles of the students you are working with. It is to be hoped that at least a few of these activities will appeal and prove to be successful in improving the spelling skills of you or of your target audience.

Here are eight spelling activities that are demonstrated in the twelve-minute video.

Click SPELLING ACTIVITIES to read the whole article and to watch the video.


Twenty questions about Andrew Jackson: Find the answers on Hermitage website

Professional Storytellers Debbie Dunn & Marcia Donovan tell ghost & spooky stories at ‘Hauntings at the Hermitage’ 20th & 27th of 2012
Here is a fun way to learn more about our former President, Andrew Jackson. Involve your students in an internet research project.

Here are the kid-friendly questions for them to look up. The answers can all be found on the Hermitage website, President Andrew Jackson’s former home.

Click ANDREW JACKSON for the list of twenty questions plus the clues.


How to reinforce spelling skills: Lessons 1 to 3 October 11, 2012

How to reinforce spelling skills - Lessons 1 to 3 CLIP

Are you a home-schooling teacher who would like access to some self-contained spelling lessons plus correlating tests? Are you a parent or classroom teacher who would like to reinforce spelling skills with your children or students? Are you a student who wants a fun way to work on your spelling skills? Then, you have come to the right place.

Each lesson comes with the following six features:

1. Complete directions for working with a set of ten spelling words
2. A fun and colorful spelling activities slideshow
3. An answer key for the definitions of each spelling word
4. Complete directions for utilizing the correlating spelling test
5. A fun and colorful spelling test slideshow
6. An answer key for the spelling test

To read the complete article and to get the links to the direction pages and spelling activities and spelling test slideshows, please click this link:

How to reinforce spelling skills: Lessons 1 to 3


Videos, slideshow, and music curriculum standards : K-5 songs for kids

Fun Songs for Kids





Professional Storyteller and Certified teacher K-8, Debbie Dunn, shares six fun song videos for elementary students.

1. Song called “Head and Shoulders, Baby”
2. Song called “Hanky Panky”
3. Song called “Miz Lu”
4. Song called “Lollipop”

Debbie Dunn is also a conflict resolution and anti-bullying specialist. Here are two anti-bullying songs that will be fun and easy for the students to sing:

5. My Bully Buster song: Lyrics and video
6. Another Bully Buster song: Lyrics and video

For more information about her anti-bullying elementary school programs, please visit the BE BULLY FREE page on her storytelling website by clicking on BE BULLY FREE.

To see all six videos, the slideshow, and the music curriculum standards that help justify taking classroom time to teach these songs, please click on the following link:

Videos, slideshow, and music curriculum standards : K-5 songs for kids


White Reindeer gift ideas that include my White Reindeer book October 10, 2012

White Reindeer Amazon carousel

Do you like white reindeer?

Are you looking for some great holiday gift ideas?
Why not combine the two by checking out some of these great white reindeer gift ideas as seen on the Amazon widget carousel.

One of the ten items is the book written by DJ Lyons (pen name for Debbie Dunn) called “White Reindeer, Kudzu Monster, & Other Tales Of Wonder.” The novella about the white reindeer is an absolutely true story from beginning to end. There is even a possibility that the white reindeer was an angelic creature sent by God to keep the author safe when she was an impulsive 21 years of age.

The other nine items seen on the carousel are fun items the author found on that may be of interest to white reindeer lovers everywhere.

Do you wish to find out more about those ten items? If so, simply click on one of the items on the carousel. It will take you to the information, price, and detail page on

Here is the widget below: Widgets

In any case, I hope you, your family, and friends have a lovely, safe, and happy holiday season.

Best wishes to you all,

Debbie Dunn aka DJ Lyons