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Do you have breast cancer but lack health insurance? October 25, 2012

Breast cancer symbols plus 6 signs of breast cancer title page
What do you do if you discover you have one of the six main symptoms of breast cancer; however, you do not have health insurance?

As you already learned in the article entitled “Breast Cancer: So you found a breast lump,” early detection is the key to potentially saving part or all of your breast, your lymph nodes, and potentially your life.

What are the six main symptoms of breast cancer?

1. Lump in the breast
2. Dimple or indentation on the breast
3. Rash on the breast
4. Puckering of the breast-skin
5. Nipple discharge
6. Breast suddenly deflates (i.e., shrinks) or inflates (i.e., grows)

Oh, no! You don’t have health insurance

If you discover you may have breast cancer but do not have health insurance, this is potentially not an insurmountable obstacle.

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Breast Cancer: So you found a breast lump

Breast cancer symbols plus 6 signs of breast cancer title page
So, you found a lump. You rub your eyes and look again at your reflection in the mirror. “Perhaps my eyes are deceiving me” is your next hope-filled thought. After all, breast cancer does not run in your family. Even if it does, it still could feel unbelievable and shocking.

You stretch out a shaking hand and feel of it. It’s hard and unyielding.

Since the ‘denial game’ is so much fun, you comfort yourself with the idea that it’s just a cyst that needs to be drained. That is true for some breast lumps. In fact, eight out of every ten breast lumps are benign. But, …

What if the lump you see in the mirror and feel with your hand is one of the two out of every ten that is malignant? In that case, the ‘denial game’ could turn lethal. So, for peace of mind’s sake, you make an appointment to see your doctor.

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Declaration: It’s Safe to Be Slender September 19, 2012

It is safe to be slender picture
Healing Seeker is in remission from breast cancer. Read about her journey to lose 60 pounds before getting reconstruction surgery in fall of 2011. Celebrate the knowledge that we don’t need all that insulation. Instead, know that it is safe to be slender.

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How to go through an Echocardiogram for Breast Cancer July 21, 2010

How to go through an Echocardiogram for Breast Cancer. Picture created with Powerpoint and my Digital Camera.
The two main purposes of an Echocardiogram are to test how well the heart is functioning and your ejection fraction. Should you receive chemo due to a breast cancer diagnosis, this is what you can expect before, during, and after this ECHO test.

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How to Go Through Taxotere Chemo Session in Harmony and Ease July 13, 2010

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Breast Cancer Symbol
Should you have breast cancer or some other cancer requiring 4 or 8 chemo sessions, you will most likely be given either a combination of A and C (Adriamycin and Cytoxan) or T (Taxotere) and Benadryl. This is what you can expect when getting Taxotere.

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5 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer April 28, 2010

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5 Warning Signs of Breast Cancer.

Here is a video I just created for free on Animoto. You can do it too!

In any case, please pay attention to these 5 warning signs of Breast Cancer.


How to Help Save a Breast or Even a Life Due to Breast Cancer April 18, 2010

Breast Cancer Symbol
As a woman diagnosed with Stage 3A Breast Cancer, I have learned some very important lessons about how to avoid getting breast cancer in the first place and/or how to avoid getting such an advanced stage of breast cancer.

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