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Videos, slideshow, and music curriculum standards : K-5 songs for kids October 11, 2012

Fun Songs for Kids





Professional Storyteller and Certified teacher K-8, Debbie Dunn, shares six fun song videos for elementary students.

1. Song called “Head and Shoulders, Baby”
2. Song called “Hanky Panky”
3. Song called “Miz Lu”
4. Song called “Lollipop”

Debbie Dunn is also a conflict resolution and anti-bullying specialist. Here are two anti-bullying songs that will be fun and easy for the students to sing:

5. My Bully Buster song: Lyrics and video
6. Another Bully Buster song: Lyrics and video

For more information about her anti-bullying elementary school programs, please visit the BE BULLY FREE page on her storytelling website by clicking on BE BULLY FREE.

To see all six videos, the slideshow, and the music curriculum standards that help justify taking classroom time to teach these songs, please click on the following link:

Videos, slideshow, and music curriculum standards : K-5 songs for kids


Best Review – Top 6 Fun Songs For Kids Presented By Professional Storyteller Debbie Dunn October 10, 2010

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Fun Songs for Kids
Enjoy some fun songs for kids for classroom or summer camp use. The songs include Head and Shoulders, Baby; Hanky Panky, Miz Lu, Lollipop, My Bully Buster Song, and Another Bully Buster Song.

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