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Spelling practice video: Learn to spell ‘donkey’ with these eight tips October 25, 2012

Spelling practice for donkey CLIP
Do you want some great tips to help you to learn to spell various words? This video and article will give you eight fun suggestions to try. Choose three or four of the ones you like the best as you work on improving your spelling skills.

Simply as an example, this article and video focuses on learning to spell the word ‘donkey’.

Since not everybody learns the same, pick out just the activities that fit your particular learning style or the learning styles of the students you are working with. It is to be hoped that at least a few of these activities will appeal and prove to be successful in improving the spelling skills of you or of your target audience.

Here are eight spelling activities that are demonstrated in the twelve-minute video.

Click SPELLING ACTIVITIES to read the whole article and to watch the video.